Heavenly Voices

This variation on a 16th century French metrical originates from Fumant Sabaeis. There are such amazing textures within the rich soprano tones and the orchestral movement. It inspires a calming sensation as its lyrics rise in joy, imploring us to find peace. I have chosen this piece on several occasions to use as a solemn processional for funerals.

The lyrics:
Anima mea My soul
Mane! Wait!
Quanta Qualia How great and how wonderful
Conventus gaudia The joys of the meeting
Erunt Will be

Quanta Qualia

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The Great Organ

Take the greatest 'Skinner' organ that was ever built, place it in the largest Gothic Cathedral on earth; grab a handful of cocky self-absorbed street children and lock them in overnight, placing them beneath the transept and turn out the lights.
There's an absolute certainty that by by the time dawn breaks those children will have felt the breath of God!
Don't be deceived by the gentle clean sounds of the French horns at the beginning. This piece moves to a crescendo that not only moves the soul, it moves the prostate!
(You may need to turn up your volume to hear the beginning)


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Waters of March or Águas de Março

This one song has always guaranteed I would smile whenever I hear it. It celebrates all of the small inconsequential daily minutiae of life and how we live it. And in Jobim’s inimitable style, it is a Eucharist of our lives.

There are many variations and the song is so flowing that it requires an adept professional to get through the piece. Whether sung in English or Portuguese, it's equally challenging. It offers a simplistic comparison to the cadence of living, life's ups and downs and reminds us that indeed, that is the flow of living.

Here is a modern version sung by Akiko and Corrine Drewery of Swing Out Sisters. This version is in English and I love the small change they've made to the lyrics. In some ways it sounds like a modern eucharist for life.

The Waters of March

Waters of March Ak...

This beautiful duet is sung by Jobim and Elis Regina. They make a formidable pair and you could easily end the tune with a smile and a tear!
Well done!

Águas de Março


When We Need A Little Help

Words of Comfort For the Dying

I'm Only Dying!

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Antonio Carlos Jobim

'Oh but I watch her so sadly. How can I tell her I love her?'

I could live each step I've taken along Ipanema Beach over and over again. Brazilians have such a rich love of life.

And I'm delighted to see that my daughter has fallen in love with the same music I've loved all my life.

This timeless duet with Andy Williams and Antonio Carlos Jobim can invoke the most wonderful memories of the halcyon days of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro.

The Girl from Ipanema or Garota de Ipanema

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Music Lifts The Heart!

Here's a small collection of music ranging across styles, moods and certainly age groups! I hope you enjoy!

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